Everything you need to know to be safe and have the best time in Puerto Rico


What They’re Saying

“You can walk along the San Juan walls at your pace while enjoying the historic sites, and monuments…We felt safe and relax walking along the Paseo while learning all the Spanish history along the way.” - emelinammr on Trip Advisor, March 2016
“Pristine, clean beach with walk out snorkeling, areas with and without waves, a constant light breeze to keep the bugs a bay and keep it pleasant, with nice clear water… Surrounded by green, it is a dream.” - Chuck_and_Mel on Trip Advisor, April 2016
“The view from this cave is amazing! I was totally in awe when I saw the view from this cave! Words can’t describe such splendor!” - Zolu40 on Trip Advisor, April 2016
“It has crystal clear see through calm water, white gorgeous sand, and lush green mountains in the back ground… when you are in the water hardly any rocks or seaweed, which is hard to find in the world with the combination of perfect factors. 5 STARS! PUERTO RICO!” - Ronnie L on Trip Advisor, March 2016
“A Natural Wonder…Really safe and a must do family trip.” - SLiCkAdventures on Trip Advisor, March 2016
“San Juan is a gorgeous, picturesque city in Puerto Rico that provides all manner of activities for the traveler.” - Angela A. May 2016
“We spent 2 evenings here just walking around and looking at the sites and the beautiful old buildings. Lots of places to eat and things to see.”
- Kasey E. April 2016
“It is the true Caribbean experience.” - Michelle E. April 2016
“A diverse and sprawling metropolis, the Puerto Rican capital of San Juan seamlessly weaves together the historic and the modern; rainbow-colored colonial buildings, smart boutiques, military forts, art districts, world-class cuisine: you'll find it all here." - Kimberley-Marie Sklinar April 2016
"There’s much more to this Caribbean port city than a cruise ship day trip, so take some time to explore this unique culture-rich gem.” - Kimberley-Marie Sklinar April 2016
“This was a highlight of my trip. The gravestones and sculptures were amazing. There is a stunning view with the ocean behind the cemetery, very surreal. Just a short stop if you are doing a walking tour of the San Juan historical sites. Follow the graffiti tunnel to the cemetery and see the beauty and peace of this ocean...” - Julie K. June 2016
“Looks like a postcard--stunning blue water, white breaking waves, clean sand, swaying palm trees, colorful umbrellas” - Janm410 April 2016
“This place was beautiful everywhere you look. So much to see, from the blue cobblestone streets to the vibrant colored buildings and houses. Quite an experience to walk these streets.” - Kelli F. June 2016
“For the $5 entrance fee, the Castillo el Morro is well worth a visit. There are few places in the Americas where you can see medieval architecture, but Old San Juan is one. And to walk around a fort built before the first settlers arrived in Jamestown is pretty cool. The views of the city and inlet are also worth the entrance, and if you get lucky, you might see a large lizard hanging around!” - Alexander B. June 2016
“Going to la placita in the evening is a must when visiting San Juan. The atmosphere with happy people in the streets, latin music, dance, karaoke and small bars and restaurants is like nowhere else. Crowded in the weekends, but also great on a Thursday night. A great place to meet people, make new friends, dance salsa or just hang out.” - Hege Christin F. February 2016
“I loved it here! The people were very friendly and there was tons of activities, dining, shopping, etc. and of course the views were amazing. Check out the forts”
- Angelafire03 June 2016
“I saw pictures and thought they were photoshopped, this is beach is for real! The aqua water cannot be captured on film, it is too amazing! The old tanks covered in art are a unique addition. They are not kidding when they say this is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. I had an amazing day on this beach from a catamaran ride from mainland Puerto Rico. Well worth it! The boat ride was fun, and stopped first to snorkel spot then relax on the beach. Amazing day! Unreal beauty!” - Julie K. June 2016
“Old San Juan is the ideal destination for the romantic in everyone. With its creative, Colonial architecture and combination of eateries, historic properties, and unique attractions, it offers the perfect playground for couples.” - Angela A. April 2016
“If ever in Old San Juan I would highly recommend coming here especially if you're a history buff! Plus, there's gorgeous views and perfect photo opportunities at the top.” - Jessica N. June 2016
“This place was absolutely beautiful. The waters were clear and as turquoise as you can probably get. Refreshing and just so lovely. I can't wait to go back!” - Angelafire03 June 2016
“We found this place while wandering around Old Town San Juan. The mofongos were delicious! I would recommend this place to anyone who wants an authentic meal while visiting San Juan. Plus, after you eat you get to sign the walls! Amazing food and great service.” - Drew4sports February 2016
“Had an amazing and educational tour of the reserve! Great tour for the price, recommend this tour to everyone! They offer the tour in Spanish or English well worth doing, and the views from the lighthouse are picture perfect. Can't wait to return to do their night tour.” - Bori2 March 2016
As for everything else, Natalia is a lovely host and willing to make accommodations for breakfast schedules. In our case we were usually on the road before breakfast was officially served, so she helped us out the one morning by boxing up a few snacks to get us going for the day. She also makes every effort to make sure guests are at ease regarding the Zika situation. She assured me in advance we wouldn't have any issues with mosquitoes at her place and she ended up being exactly right. Never saw a single one there. - Jason G June 2016
We spent a week at the Casa Castellana in San Juan this May and it was fabulous! The property was wonderful and Miss Natalia and her folks were top shelf. The breakfast each day was prepared fresh and the fresh fruit was amazing. I especially enjoyed spending time with Natalia's maintenance man and grounds keeper and although we had the obvious language barrier it was interesting and pleasant. Our room was clean and very comfortable. The only concern we had going to Puerto Rico was the Zika scare but that turned out to be a non event. Miss Natalia had plenty of Citronella candles going at all times and more Off Insect Repellent that we could possibly use on hand, but more importantly we traveled the rain forest, walked all over San Juan, Old San Juan, and Pinoles and Ponce and did not see a single mosquito. - gluedude9051 May 2016
Still amazed by the beauties of Puerto Rico...
- EmmaSellas July 23, 2016
My husband and I had our Island Vacation planned since last year and have been looking forward to staying with Natalia at her Bed & Breakfast. She has been a great help in planning our trip. Lately we started having some concerns about the Zika situation and went ahead and called her. She told us not to worry. That the local health department is taking steps, just like in the states, for mosquito control. She sent us some literature and we decided to go ahead and take the trip.

When we arrived at the BnB, we were impressed by how few mosquitos we saw. Natalia has everything you might need to keep them at bay and keep her guests safe. She also reminded us that it is the tropics so unfortunately there will be some mosquitoes. The thing is to be well prepared and to follow the rules to stay safe.

Well, all we have to say is that we didn’t really have any problems with any bugs at all. And we thoroughly enjoyed her outdoors third floor terrace, at breakfast and in the evening! I know many travelers are concerned about Zika because the media has made into one of their frenzies, and misinformation, but we strongly feel that this is part of traveling somewhere lush and tropical and we weren't going to let that stop us, once we took the proper steps, from enjoying our trip to paradise aka PUERTO RICO.
- Colossal May 2016
This is such a highly charged subject. One disappointing thing is about the reporting in Brazil. The amount of fear mongering that the media did has been really bad. That’s a really unfortunate thing.

As an American, it would be as far from my mind unless I’m going on a trip to Latin America or Puerto Rico. And if I were to do that, I would think about, all right am I pregnant or do I want to become pregnant or does my partner want to become pregnant over the next six to 12 months? If that’s a yes … then I probably won’t travel to that place until after the baby, I’d go somewhere else. But if it’s a no, then I’m not going to care. I’m going to go, I’m going to enjoy myself, and I’m going to understand that this risk of complications from Zika is so much smaller than the risks we take in everyday life, things that we do not let dictate our lives.
- David Larsen August 2016
Our Board of Directors holds its winter meeting in a region with a pleasant, warm climate. For 2016, we held our winter Board meeting at the Ritz-Carlton San Juan. The venue was spectacular, the service was the absolute best, and the food, climate, and warmth of the people of Puerto Rico was second to none. Every participant was applauding the choice of location. We are now making arrangements to return in 2017. I highly recommend Puerto Rico as a meetings destination. - Virginia Rosell 2016
We just held our 2016 DQ Expo in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Our attendance spoke to the excitement of the destination with our attendees. Meet Puerto Rico did a wonderful job providing us with the assistance we needed to hold a large program at the Puerto Rico Convention Center where we had extensive shipping needs going into Puerto Rico for our exhibit hall and general session. Their ability to be our “feet on the ground” in Puerto Rico to assist with our containers when they arrived was extremely helpful. Being a food company, our shipments were extremely important to the success of our event and required many different levels of handling. Meet Puerto Rico did not let us down. They did a wonderful job! - Missy Schrupp 2016
Our group had an incredible stay in Puerto Rico this past week. We were there for five days, and despite the cries of the media regarding the Zika “outbreak” I saw literally not one mosquito the entire time. Our group came in conjunction with an incentive program and we were able to spend time in several different areas of the island including Old San Juan, Carolina/Isla Verde, Luquillo and Fajardo. The people are so lovely, friendly and welcoming. From the GSI transport team to the Caribe and El Conquistador property staff, we felt as if we’d come home. The service was exceptional, the views and landscape are breathtaking and the food was delicious. And the weather! You can’t beat the breezes and sunshine. As a bonus we saw multiple rainbows during our trip. We hated to leave and look forward to our next opportunity to travel with a group to Puerto Rico. As we left we kept remarking on the slice of heaven we had experienced and the people of Puerto Rico who were so wonderful to us all. - Meredith Martini 2016
"The event went very well. We hosted about 845 delegates from 81 countries. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from around the world, some saying it was the best event ever. I want to thank Michelle, Raiza, and the rest of the Meet Puerto Rico team for all your support over the past two years. I've always felt that CVBs are a great resource to rely upon -- you proved me right once again." - Bruce Schon 2016
A Keeper... Peter (Site Inspections Manager) was so fun and entertaining when we went to Arecibo. I really enjoyed the site tour and he has a wealth of knowledge with regard to the island, culture and points of interest. One of the best tours I have ever had! - Lelah Doyle 2016
Puerto Rico is, in my opinion, the best option for a group meeting in the Caribbean. - Jay Hauck 2016
Mildred (Senior Sales Manager) was such a great help. She really took an interest in our needs and was very helpful and responsive in working with us. I would come back to Puerto Rico just to work with Mildred, Michelle, and the team again! - Caitlin Van Sant 2016
“Puerto Rico is probably one of the most underappreciated places to travel. It is a great idea for Americans to travel there because you don't need a passport. There are beautiful tropical beaches and the rain forest. If you have never seen this type of water with the glowing algae, it is amazing. And Puerto Rico is rich in history, easily seen in San Juan's colorful buildings.”

- Margie Lenau of Wonderland Family Vacations January 2017