Solo Travel: Puerto Rico Style

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Solo travel. It’s what few of us have done and many of us have contemplated. Taking the leap of faith to jet away from home, venture overseas, and explore a different culture on your own takes courage, but it can be incredibly rewarding.

Fortunately, Puerto Rico is an ideal destination for the solo traveler –first timers and experienced adventurers, nature lovers and city dwellers. So pack your bags and your bugspray, the crown jewel of the Caribbean is waiting for you!

Puerto Rico Activities for the Nature Lover:

  • Rio Camuy Cave Park: Experience the third largest underground cave system in the world, with 220 caves stretched through more than 10 miles of caverns making it the perfect place to dive in and explore.
  • La Pared: Make friends…with fish! Dive or snorkel at “The Wall” at La Parguera, a top dive site in the Caribbean with crystal blue waters, expansive coral reefs, dolphins, turtles and and manatees galore!
  • El Yunque: Drive a short 30 minutes outside of San Juan to a hikers paradise with maintained hiking trails twisting and turning through a rain forest with waterfalls and cool swimming holes.

Puerto Rico Activities for the City Dweller:

Nuyorican Café: When the sun goes down,  salsa dance and take in a live band at this quintessential hot spot in Old San Juan that radiates the friendly and vibrant atmosphere that San Juan’s nightlife is known for. Side note: for other fans of dance, take a lesson on bomba, a dance created by West African slaves on Puerto Rico’s old sugar plantations.

Tours Galore – Architecture Art and History: From taking in a film screening at the Fine Arts Café cinema, to walking the cobblestone streets of an old Spanish colonial city or taking a casual stroll down the streets of Old San Juan that are flanked with colorful homes and buildings – Puerto Rico has much to offer among its city streets.

And let’s be real, we are all foodies:

  • Sip on famous Puerto Rican coffee that was once the favorite of European courts in the 1700s while walking the colorful streets of Old San Juan on sleepy weekend mornings.
  • Don’t pass up trying Puerto Rico’s signature pique, a vinegar-and-red-pepper based condiment with a kick found on bars and tables in eateries throughout the island.
  • For dessert, enjoy a limber, a mix between shaved ice and sorbet, served in a Dixie cup at a family-run shop at Caleta de las Monjas 9– a local tradition for almost half a century.
  • Finally, take a stroll in the Mercado Agrícola Natural del Viejo San Juan that is home to the city’s organic farmers market.


The most important aspect of solo travel is feeling safe –and that includes protecting yourself from the Zika virus. But have no fear, unless you are currently pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant soon, there is little reason to worry about Zika.. v Wear mosquito repellent containing DEET, keep your screens shut at night and follow the CDC guidelines for a fearless travel adventure.