Puerto Rico Will Pump You Up: How to Stay Fit on Your Puerto Rico Trip


Pasteles, tostones, lechón, mofongo…staying fit on vacation is hard enough, but with all the sweet and savory eats Puerto Rico has to offer, it might feel impossible. Forget about hopping on the treadmill or pedaling the day away on a stationary bike. Instead, try exploring the island and breaking a sweat with one of these exciting fitness options:

  • Salute the Sun – Yoga can be done almost anywhere, but Puerto Rico’s beaches provide the perfect setting for a breathtaking sun salutation. Travelers can rise with the sun or take a sunset break to truly get in touch with their inner-selves and the world around them…all while burning a few calories. Need more solid footing? Visitors can grab a mat and head to the nearest park or yoga studio to get their daily dose of namaste!
  • Paddle the Day Away – Forget the constant pedaling, choose a paddle board instead! What better place for travelers to strengthen their core, hone their balance, and experience the open water than on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico? Day or night, travelers can paddle their way to fitness and explore the beautiful ocean waters. Check out Velauno Paddleboarding in Condado to get started right away.
  • Burn Rubber on the streets of San Juan – The city of Old San Juan has a two mile radius…perfect for visitors looking for a simple way to burn off some calories. With tough hills to climb and long straightaways for sprinting, runners can easily burn through a pair of soles staying fit in Puerto Rico’s capital city. More importantly, the city offers some beautiful scenery and historic architecture to help runners get some instagrammable photos along the way!

There are so many easy ways to stay in shape while enjoying a Puerto Rican vacation, but all of these outdoor activities mean an increased likelihood that travelers will come into contact with some of Puerto Rico’s peskier locals…mosquitos!

No matter how travelers choose to stay in shape, it’s important they take the right precautions to protect themselves from mosquito bites. Mosquitos are attracted to carbon dioxide and heat, so fitness freaks need to be especially prepared. Always apply EPA-approved insect repellent on top of sunscreen, and reapply often while sweating.  Wearing light colored long sleeves and pants can also help protect from mosquito bites and the harsh rays of the sun.

Unless pregnant or planning to have a family in the near future, there is no reason to cancel travel plans to Puerto Rico. However, we advise travelers to take the necessary precautions to protect against mosquito bites when traveling to any tropical country and, when in doubt, refer to the CDC guidelines on mosquito bite prevention.

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