Puerto Rico Combats Zika with the 3 P’s: Preparation, Prevention, Precaution


#1 – Puerto Rico is PREPARED; managing Zika through close collaboration with the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on an education campaign for visitors.  The campaign is designed to:

  • Encourage leisure and business travelers to continuously check the CDC site for Zika updates
  • Provide tips on how to protect yourself from the Aedes mosquito, the Zika carrier


#2 – Puerto Rico is helping to PREVENT the spread of the Zika virus by reducing the population of the Aedes moquito:

  • Spraying public areas with mosquito repellant
  • Eliminating mosquito breeding grounds, including standing water
  • Establishing a 3-1-1 telephone hotline and Twitter account to enable reporting of high-risk areas


#3 – Puerto Rico is taking every PRECAUTION possible by:

  • Educating local medical personnel and healthcare facilities on identifying and caring for patients with the Zika virus
  • Providing Zika safety tips for visitors and hotel guests
  • Following the latest research on mosquito eradication and potential treatments


Hotel partners who are a part of the Puerto Rico Hotel & Tourism Association are taking active measures and precautionary steps to ensure the safety of its hotel guests and staff. When visiting all locations with tropical climates such as the Caribbean, Latin America and Southeast Asia, it’s important to check CDC guidelines and tips and to speak with your physician before traveling to any of these regions.


With the proper education, leisure and business travelers can have a worry-free vacation and enjoy all that Puerto Rico has to offer.


Visit the Puerto Rico Now homepage to learn more about Zika in Puerto Rico, what the island is doing to protect its residents and visitors, and how travelers can enjoy a worry free vacation in the Jewel of the Caribbean.