3 Reasons NOT to Cancel Your Trip to Puerto Rico

With its beautiful weather, laidback culture and wide range of culinary experiences, Puerto Rico is the perfect place for travelers to escape the cold and experience a truly worry-free vacation. However, recent news regarding the spread of the Zika virus in Puerto Rico may have people thinking twice about traveling to Vieques and Puerto Rico.

Here are three reasons travelers should NOT cancel their plans to visit Puerto Rico:

1. Proper Preparation Can Ensure a Worry-Free Vacation

The key to worry-free travel is preparation…no matter what the destination. Puerto Rico, like many Caribbean islands, has an active mosquito population year-round, so mosquito protection is already a must for travelers any time of year. Right now, however, it’s even more important that travelers educate themselves about what they need to do to prevent mosquito bites.

The best thing travelers can do is follow the CDC guidelines for avoiding bug bites. Before the trip, travelers are encouraged to purchase—and pack in their checked baggage—repellant containing at least 20% DEET, picaridin, para-menthane-diol, oil of lemon eucalyptus, or IR3535, which have been evaluated by the EPA for effectiveness. Remember! When applying sunscreen apply sunscreen first and insect repellent second. 

2. Puerto Rico is prepared

From solo travelers to families of all sizes, Puerto Rico is taking the necessary preventive steps to protect all of its visitors and offer a truly worry-free experience. Hotels and other popular tourist destinations are actively spraying to eradicate mosquito populations and drastically reduce the likelihood of travelers contracting the Zika virus while traveling abroad.

Puerto Rico is the jurisdiction that is most prepared to handle this health situation.

3.  The Zika Virus Has Had Minimal Impact on the Puerto Rican Population

So far, less than one half of one percent of our population has been affected and the Government is taking steps to protect our residents, and reassure visitors. So, with the right preparation, travelers can still enjoy a fun, relaxing trip to Puerto Rico.

While the virus has only affected a small percentage of the island, the CDC and WHO have advised pregnant women and couples planning on having children to avoid travel to areas with local Zika transmission, including many Caribbean islands and parts of central and southern America.

Puerto Rico is an island full of white sandy beaches, world class culinary offerings, beautiful rainforests and unparalleled cultural experiences. From business travelers, spring breakers and families, Puerto Rico offers a unique getaway destination for every type of traveler.

Visit seepuertorico.com/zikavirus to learn more about the Zika virus and how Puerto Rico is creating a worry-free travel experience for its visitors.