Everything you need to know to be safe and have the best time in Puerto Rico

02- Diving - The Wall - Guancica Puerto Rico Combats Zika with the 3 P’s: Preparation, Prevention, Precaution

What They’re Saying

  • My husband and I had our Island Vacation planned since last year and have been looking forward to staying with Natalia at her Bed & Breakfast. She has been a great help in planning our trip. Lately we started having some concerns about the Zika situation and went ahead and called her. She told us not to worry. That the local health department is taking steps, just like in the states, for mosquito control. She sent us some literature and we decided to go ahead and take the trip.

    When we arrived at the BnB, we were impressed by how few mosquitos we saw. Natalia has everything you might need to keep them at bay and keep her guests safe. She also reminded us that it is the tropics so unfortunately there will be some mosquitoes. The thing is to be well prepared and to follow the rules to stay safe.

    Well, all we have to say is that we didn’t really have any problems with any bugs at all. And we thoroughly enjoyed her outdoors third floor terrace, at breakfast and in the evening! I know many travelers are concerned about Zika because the media has made into one of their frenzies, and misinformation, but we strongly feel that this is part of traveling somewhere lush and tropical and we weren't going to let that stop us, once we took the proper steps, from enjoying our trip to paradise aka PUERTO RICO.
    Colossal May 2016
  • Still amazed by the beauties of Puerto Rico...
    EmmaSellas July 23, 2016
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